This is what VISHIZZLE is.

VISHIZZLE STUDIO is dedicated in providing efficient web design and development, logo design, graphic design and digital print works.
VISHIZZLE STUDIO has been a recognized name in the web and graphic designing industry for over 15 years. The name VISHIZZLE is all about professionalism, luxurious and creating an outstanding masterpiece.
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The Design Process.


Exploring by learning what exactly you need designed and taking that to better understand what we can create for you.


Each design is custom, unique and with client in mind we design what we think you'd love. The client will require to provide a complete description of what exactly they are looking for.


Some projects will have few different concepts and revisions (please contact for details). Please see FAQs for how long the entire design process will take.


Once everything is completed and finalized we will deliver majority of the final work via online. For more details, please see FAQs.


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Offering our clients a range of design services from websites, logo design, business cards, event flyers, to Snapchat Geofilters. Designing for personal, organization, businesses, events, nightclubs, celebrities, etc.

Designing for businesses, organization, personal and well-known people.

Web Design & Development

Specializing in custom website designing, we work with you to suite your style and budget. Coding in HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, etc. Multimedia and content integration.

Logo Design & Branding

Establish a logo for your company that gives your audience a clear representation of who you are. Stand out from the competition, create a sense of professionalism, is attractive and memorable.

Design Print Work

Currently creating design print work for these services... Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, CD Album Artwork.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using different types of illustrations and digital artworks. Designing business cards, digital graphics for web, flyers, etc.

Business / Events

Designing for small and large businesses, music artists, nightclubs, events, well-known people, and celebrities.

Social Media

Designing, setting up social media account and content. Also create custom designed QR codes for almost anything.


Frequently asked questions.

Some frequently asked questions about our company.

VISHIZZLE STUDIO has been running for more than 15 years, the company name however has changed several times over the years to suite the style of the business in it's time frame. VISHIZZLE offers web designing, logo designing, business cards, digital and physical flyers, graphic designing and editing, Snapchat Geofilters, social media managing and designing. Specializing in web designs. Yes, however VISHIZZLE STUDIO is NOT a public hosting company. We offer this service ONLY to our customers, you'll need to get a full website designed by VISHIZZLE in order to get web hosting. *NOTE: web hosting will NOT be free for our customers!* Don't do printing ourselves, however we do deal with a few printing companies. You can either pay us in full for design work and printing, we then take care of everything or we can send the design work to the printing company and you can pay us only for the design work and pay the printing company yourself. It's up to you. Smaller projects will take approximately 1-2 weeks to design and get finalized, larger projects approximately 2-4 weeks. Once everything is completed and finalized we will deliver majority of the final work via online. Most printed work locally will need to be picked up and for longer distance we'll send them to a printing company that we deal with that's nearest to you. Any final payments will need to be taken care of before you get your final product. Every work done by VISHIZZLE will vary, there's no set price. All designs are one-of-a-kind custom designed for each of our customers. For certain services we will ask you for your budget and will work with you to suite your design needs. You'll need to contact VISHIZZLE or fill out the online quotation form to receive your free quote. VISHIZZLE will beat only web designing quote however a proof will be required. All payments will need to be dealt with first before any designing starts. Most projects will require 50% deposit. Payable via cash, credit cards, e-Transfer and PayPal. This website is fully compatible on all computers with the latest browsers, also compatible with smartphones and tablets.
This website can easily be accessed by the following domains:
vishizzle.com vishizzle.net vishizzle.ca vishizzle.co vishizzle.tk


What our clients are saying.

L. JAMESCEO, Real Deal Poker

"Blew my mind at how accurate the designer took what was on my mind and put it into digital work of art. Fast designing, superb work, highly recommending to all."

V. SINGHCEO, Platinum Hotshot & Express

"Designed a website, logo, business cards, vehicle decals and many more. Got our business up and running in no time, with amazing results. Excellent and trustworthy designer, highly recommended."

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